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Head-to-Toe Body Lotion

OverSoyed Fine Organic Products - Head-To-Toe Body Lotion

Treat your body to the luxurious feeling of OverSoyed™ Head-To-Toe Body Lotion. Our handcrafted body lotions are made differently from most competitive products on the market and are a whole lot better for your body. Each one is an entirely unique experience with nourishing natural ingredients to keep your skin soft, supple, and smooth... We guarantee you'll fall in love!

Our lotion contains a wealth of beneficial ingredients. Pure Shea Butter is considered to be high in vitamin and mineral content which can aid in moisturizing while providing a silky protective barrier to all skin types. Organic Soy Oil can provide hydration and protection to skin, while softening by naturally replenishing the lipid barrier. Lastly, Vitamin E helps moisturize and regenerate cells.

Smooth your body from head-to-toe, taking extra care over your dry areas, such as elbows, knees, and feet. OverSoyed™ lotions go a long way... Use a dime size drop and add more if desired.