Acerola Berry Barbados Cherry Artisan Handcrafted Triple Detoxifying Clay Cleansing Facial Mask



OverSoyed Fine Organic Products All-Natural Facial Masks are PURE LUXURY!

Each of our clay face masks are handmade with our special blend of only the world's finest clay and specialty ingredients. Our Triple Clay Formula is comprised of Kaolin, Bentonite, and Fuller's Earth.

Kaolin is a very mild clay that is useful on normal, dry and sensitive skin. Bentonite is a very soft clay that is useful on oily skin and has excellent absorbing properties. It's thought to remove acne causing toxins from the skin as well as revitalize tired skin. Fuller's Earth is a natural clay that is popular in skincare products because it's ability to absorb oil and reduce oiliness from the skin surface. It is thought to tighten the pores thus improving skin texture with a smooth, soft and glowing appearance.

Each one of our Luxury Facial Masks are packaged in a dry powder formula that requires the addition of a liquid before application. We use this method to eliminate the need for preservatives as well as allowing our customers the option of custom blending with carrier oils or additives which are best suited for their individual skin types.

Each jar contains approximately 10-12 treatments depending on usage amounts.


Combine 2-3 tablespoons of our dry powder mask with any of our select carrier oils, water, or liquids of your choice (yogurt, milk, tea, vinegar, juice) to make a loose paste. Apply to your skin using clean hands or a cosmetic brush. Leave fully mixed mask on your skin for 15 to 20 minutes. Rinse mask off with luke warm water and apply a skin moisturizer for best results. Your skin will be soft, glowing, and nourished.

Store your jar of dry clay masks in a cool, dry place free of water and humidity. Discard any mixed masks in the trash. Limit the amount of mask the goes down your skin drains as it can harden and clog your pipes.


Check out our complete line of Carrier Oils and Additives for Specific Skin Types and Cosmetic Benefits.

  • Combination Skin: Mix with Dairy (Yogurt, Milk) or Carrier Oil (Apricot, Avocado, Babassu)
  • Aging Skin: Mix with Juice (Grape, Carrot), Natural Honey, or Carrier Oil (Olive, Rice Bran, Walnut)
  • Oily Skin: Mix with Juice (Lemon, Grapefruit, Orange) or Carrier Oil (Hazelnut, Hemp, Neem)
  • Dry Skin: Mix with Dairy (Yogurt, Milk) or Carrier Oil (Olive, Jojoba, Aloe)

As with all of the products offered by OverSoyed Fine Organics, our Luxury Facial Masks are All-Natural, Organic, Cruelty Free, and do not contain Harmful Chemicals!

Statements of potential benefits have not been evaluated by the FDA (U.S. Food & Drug Administration). Any information provided is based on common research for specific ingredients only. These products are not intended to diagnose, cure or prevent any disease. Customers are encouraged to consult with their dermatologist or physician to determine the benefits of any topical treatments. Discontinue use if you experience any signs of irritation or allergic reaction.

INGREDIENTS: Kaolin Clay, Fuller's Earth Clay, Bentonite Clay