Thank You From OverSoyed.com

If you ordered something from us over the holiday season, you may have noticed a change in the thank you stickers placed on the outside of our “Customer Packets” that contain additional company information, VIP rewards, coupons, and of course, candy! As another year ends, this change posed a great opportunity to give you another peek behind the curtain, as well as a chance to thank you again for your support!

While it’s just a new sticker design because the last roll was used up, for us, it means that we had the fortune to provide another 1,000 fabulous customers with our artisan handcrafted made-to-order products. Each order is special to us… Each repeat customer means the world to us… Hearing a new customer tell us that they heard about us from a friend or family member reminds us that we’re on the right path… And that’s why we go the extra step to provide the highest level of service and attention to detail that isn’t available with larger corporate brands.

2022 is poised to be our biggest growth year yet! We look forward to relaunching our OverSoyed Affiliate Program and “Party with OverSoyed” events. New Curated Fragrance Collections… you’re going to love them! We’ll also be releasing new products we had slated for last year, but didn’t get around to, because we simply got too busy.

We also have big plans on tackling the beast of retail. Getting eyeballs on the product is always the biggest struggle for small businesses like ours. We’ll be reaching out to small businesses all across the country who are a perfect fit for our products. If you know of a small retailer or boutique shop in your area who you’d love to see carry our products locally, we’d love to hear from you…

Lastly, we know that 2021 was a long rough year for a lot of people. Remember that as we move into this new year. Let patience be your guide. Get to know your neighbors. Reconnect with that old friend. Hug an animal. (We’ll miss you, Betty!) Rediscover your passions. Laugh. Love out loud. Cook that recipe. Order the cheesecake. Smile. Dance. Sing. LIVE..

Wishing You Nothing but the Best in 2022,
Tristan & David

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