OverSoyed Original Man Cave™ Man Candle Collection

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OverSoyed Original Man Cave Man Candles™

OverSoyed Original Man Cave™ Man Candles are perfect for that special fella in your life. Use these candles to cover up those sometimes unfriendly smells that tend to linger in man caves, without having to worry about your guy complaining that he doesn't enjoy the scent of florals and feminine fragrances.

Our Signature Jar Candles are hand poured with our own blend of all natural eco-friendly soy wax. Each candle now comes in a sexy, sleek, reusable glass tumbler. Each candle is highly scented, and is wicked with an eco-friendly cotton wick.

Our hand poured all-natural luminaries make a great addition to any space. We take pride in our special formulation of 100% soy based wax, as well as our eco-friendly wicks and recycled packaging. Use our signature jar to decorate your living spaces or add a touch of class to party centerpieces. Fill your area with great fragrances which can transport you to exotic places all over the world, or relive a special moment in your life.

Our candles also make a great hostess, birthday, wedding, and holiday gifts! And lastly, just because it's our "Man Candle" line, doesn't mean you have to be a guy to enjoy our candles! OverSoyed is an equal opportunity company... just follow the product safety instructions!

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