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About Us

OverSoyed Fine Organic Products - About Us - History & Future

OverSoyed Fine Organic Products - Company OwnersOur story begins with our love for candles and all things that smell great. We often found ourselves searching the aisles of our local big box store in the middle of the night, looking for the newest and best smelling candles we could find. We would look for hours and hours every month, going from store to store to find candles that were visually appealing, blended well with our decor, added a great aroma to our living spaces, and didn't cost us an arm and a leg.. The major problem we had was that the candles we found would often have some of the things we look for, but not everything.

We've tried candles from brands all over the world, retailers both big and small, and candles at just about every price point, from dollar store candles to expensive candles from the United States largest candle manufacturer. What we found was not one candle had everything we were looking for. Cheaper candles were typically poorly made overseas with less than perfect ingredients and had little to no scent throw throughout our home. More expensive versions, while often providing good scent throw, typically melted unevenly, leaving 25-50% of wax left unused, adding to the notion that more expensive doesn't always equal a better product.

After long consideration, we decided to dive right into the candle market. Even though we had never poured a single candle or even knew where to source ingredients, we knew that we could turn out a far better product than those we had become familiar with over time. We spent months and months researching manufacturing practices, developing our recipes, and sourcing our materials. After getting our recipes nailed down, design perfected, and extensive fragrance list in order... we were ready to launch!

In 2007, we founded our company, OverSoyed™ Fine Organic Products. Our mission is simple... Provide the best products on the market based on love for all things beautiful and freshly scented. While we love all things luxurious, we will not sacrifice the planet while enjoying such things. We have taken the stance that all of our products be as eco-friendly as possible. Whether it's our own special blend of soy & vegetable-based products, or the packaging in which they are presented... you can rest assured that it is coming from us, we do everything in our power to maintain and sustain a clean, green planet. When you purchase products from OverSoyed™, you can rest assured that the products you receive are safe, tested, and eco-friendly!

Soon after launching our candle and luminaries products, we began working on additional product lines. We launched our home fragrance and bath & body product lines in 2008. We continue to perfect new products and launch new items on a regular basis!