OverSoyed Fine Organic Products - Customer Feedback

Feedback for individual products and fragrances can be found on each individual page where available. Here are just a few of our all-time favorites:

"I cannot say enough about how happy I am with these candles! The level of fragrance is just right, and the quality and professional packaging are top-notch! I'll definitely order more."

"This one is really cool, because I feel like rather than this smelling like the jolly rancher flavor, it smells like how you'd expect a real blue raspberry to smell. If they existed. :)"

"Will scent up my house nicely as I have tart warmers in every room - gonna make my Thanksgiving guests really hungry before dinner!"

"I loved them...want to buy more all the time."

"They smell amazing and pretty much exactly like I expected. They look great. They have a slow burn, especially for the price. There was also a really quick delivery. I will definitely be ordering more!"

"Great candles! Really am enjoying their longevity."

"Great scent. Makes you feel like you are eating the cinnamon bun."

"Perfect size for my purse. Such a wonderful fragrance for summer. Next stop, Lilac! Love this shop!"

"Again, yummy fragrance, and the consistency is such that it is luxurious and yet non-greasy. I love it! So many wonderful fragrances still to try, and I will be back. Thank you so much!"

"Wonderful customer service, great attention to detail, right down to making some suggestions as to the presentation, as it was a gift that was being shipped to my Mom. I am very happy, and so is my Mom. I highly recommend this shop. I ordered for Mothers Day, enough in advance to ensure that it arrived in plenty of time. Perfection takes planning. Tristan is a joy to work with, and I will be back. AAAA+++"

"This was an addition to the wonderful gift basket that Tristan prepared for my Mom. She is absolutely delighted! The gift arrived well in advance of Mother's Day. Tristan, thank you so very much!"

"I left the lid off and the cold throw is amazing thank you SO much fantastic strongly scented candle!"

"My husband loves your products a lot... thank you!"