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OverSoyed Fine Organic Products - What's New?

  • Cuban Cocktail: An unexpected and unique blend of spicy heat and tropical fruity notes create this ultimate summer sunshine treat.
  • Wine About It: Effervescent sparkling notes of pink wine, blackcurrant, candied strawberry, pear blossom and pink jasmine.
  • Fiji Pineapple Palm (Compare To Bath & Body Works®): Tropical paradise is captured with essences of ocean mist and coconut infused with lychee, sugar cane and vanilla orchid.
  • Snowflakes & Cashmere (Compare To Bath & Body Works®): Wrap yourself in the comfort of warm cashmere musk, sweet vanilla and soft woods.
  • Snowy Morning (Compare To Bath & Body Works®): Notes of sparkling bergamot and anjou pear rest upon juniper berries, balsam, and amber woods.
  • Raspberry Peach Macaron (Compare To Bath & Body Works®): This delectable fragrance features fruity notes of ripe raspberries, grape, peach, apricot while notes of white sugar, almond cream, and vanilla macaron adds a gourmand touch!
  • Rainforest Gardenia (Compare To Bath & Body Works®): Wander through a rainforest in full bloom with this exotic floral. Jasmine, white gardenia, and muguet open the fragrance while notes of green foliage, watery ozone, and sweet apple water mimic a stroll through the rainforest. Golden amber, musk, and white woods add a warming finish as the fragrance dries.
  • Love U Berry Much: Sweet citrus and sliced apple are enhanced with notes of wild raspberry, juicy strawberries, fresh blueberries and whipped musk.
  • Iced Latte: Treat yourself to a frozen delectable dream of freshly brewed espresso and sweet vanilla cream, layered with swirls of velvety caramel and rich frothy milk, topped with crushed tonka bean and crystallized brown sugar.
  • Coral Berry & Cantaloupe: A tropical medley of coral berry, cantaloupe and lychee surrounded by the lush sweetness of sugar cane and vanilla orchid.
  • Mamey Sapote: A sweet balance of spice, creamy pumpkin, cardamom and whipped vanilla cream.
  • Papaya Cilantro Salsa: Fresh lime zest and cilantro add zest to notes of chopped papaya and guava nectar.
  • Passionfruit & Violet: Delicious fruity notes of pineapple nectar, passionfruit and nectarine blend effortlessly with violet petals, pink hibiscus and plum blossom.
  • Peony Bouquet: Romantic notes of blooming blushed peony and red rose petals are brightened with red berries, apple blossom and violet leaves.
  • Sweet Pea & Freesia: Fall in love under a lush floral arrangement of spring freesia and pure pink sweet peas, wrapped in pearly musks, precious rosewood and vanilla satin, accented with sun-ripened pears and mouth-watering peach.
  • Violet & Pamplemousse: Vibrant and tart notes of pink grapefruit, citron zest and meyer lemon are layered with lush floral green notes such as wild palm, magnolia blossom and violet leaves.
  • Cascading Ivy: A trail of green lush beauty cascading over stone, with notes of variegated ivy, morning mist, white lily, lavender and water lotus.
  • Lotus & Willow: A blend of sunkissed citrus, cucumber water, apple blossom, water lotus, red berries and willow mingle together to create the ultimate fresh spring day.
  • Meadow Grass & Wildflowers: Notes of mandarin zest, bergamot blossom and colorful wildflowers capture the feeling of a warm sunny day in a sun drenched meadow.
  • Oakmoss & Cedarwood: Bergamot zest, like sunbeams, filter through wild ferns, lavender blossoms and white birch enhancing notes of warm oakmoss and rich cedarwood.
  • White Oak & Birch: Soft and pleasant with notes of antique white washed woods, citrus leaves, tonka bean and vetiver.
  • White Oak & Cedar: Rich woody notes of cedarwood, white oak, and oakmoss are highlighted with a touch of citrus and green freshness.
  • White Washed Woods: Smooth as silk, notes of coconut milk and white birch are blended together with accords of whipped musk and velvet jasmine.
  • Baby Sharks: Notes of sea salt air, lemon zest and coconut water blend with beach rose and sea grass.
  • Salt Water Mermaid: This fresh watery green fragrance delicately combines notes of ocean mist and sea grass with agave nectar and coconut milk.
  • Aloha Orchid (Compare To Capri Blue®): A floral bouquet capturing the essence of blushed peony, orange blossom, rose petals, lily of the valley and white cyclamen.
  • Bite Me (Compare To Capri Blue®): Enticing notes of sugared strawberry, pineapple nectar and sparkling citrus enhance a deep background of vanilla orchid and clove bud.
  • Blue Jean (Compare To Capri Blue®): Comfortable and light like a pair of denim jeans, this fragrance combines soft musk with jasmine, vanilla sugar and patchouli.
  • Volcano (Compare To Capri Blue®): Vibrant and bold, this blend features the energetic notes of currants and citrus zest surrounded by sweet pineapple, strawberry and raspberry.
  • Lavender & Mint: Bright refreshing notes of pink pepper, crushed mint leaves and bergamot rest upon notes of rose, lavender, vetiver, sandalwood and patchouli.
  • Tonka & Vetiver: This fragrance opens with notes of lavender, lemon and coriander followed by an alluring heart of orange blossom and a deep background of patchouli, cedar and amber.
  • Blue Mist: Notes of ocean salty mist, sapphire blue tidal pools, sea grass and amber sand combine for the ultimate fresh ozonic fragrance.
  • Living Coral Reef: Mango nectar, night blooming jasmine and beach lily are brightened with shimmering notes of sunkissed citrus and sea salt mist.