OverSoyed Fine Organic Products - Fundraising With OverSoyed

Fundraising - Fundraisers - High School Sports - Cheerleading - Arts Drama Clubs - Youth Athletics - Marching Bands - Music Programs - Youth Groups - Church Groups - Civic Community Groups - PTA - Booster ClubsOverSoyed Fine Organic Products makes it easy for your organization to raise money. With no costs, no minimum orders, and full customer service behind you to reach your goal... our fundraising program is a great fit and an easy solution for your group's fundraising needs.

The goal of your fundraiser is to raise money for your group or cause in the simplest, most effective way possible - without getting bogged down in paperwork and endless details. With the OverSoyed Fundraising Program, we take the work out of fundraising!

Our program provides easy fundraisers that generate as much as 50% profit for your group.

Plus, you'll be selling a high quality, fundraising product that people trust and want. We offer four selling seasons - and we individually package each seller's order. Add it all up and OverSoyed is the easiest and best fundraising program you'll find anywhere.