National Barbecue Month

National Barbecue Month

Tristan Hanscom5/ 1/19

National Barbecue Month - BEST SELLING OverSoyed Summer Barbeque Man Cave Man Candle

🥩 May is National #BarbecueMonth! 🔥

National BBQ Month encourages us to break out our special recipes and get some mouthwatering deliciousness started.

Whether you prefer charcoal, wood, or gas, barbecuing is fundamentally a slow cooking method over indirect heat. While the type of protein and seasonings vary, each part of the country specializes in their own flavors and sauces. From sweet to spicy, techniques range from region to region and state to state. Even the way a place smokes their barbecue can be considered unique!

Celebrate with our BEST SELLING OverSoyed Summer Barbeque Man Cave Man Candle. The smell of charred steak right off the grill... A huge favorite of all Grill Masters...


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