Make OverSoyed Great Again

Make OverSoyed Great Again

Dear Friends,

For over the past 12 years, our company OverSoyed Fine Organic Products, has proudly handcrafted the BEST hand poured Soy Candles, Home Fragrance, and Bath, Body, and Beauty Care products available on the market. Throughout our history, our products have been enjoyed by thousands of satisfied customers all over the world. But sadly, due to a handful of unforeseen events, we have reached a crucial juncture.

In December, as many of our customers already know, our Etsy Store was closed at no fault of our own. This unexpected loss dealt a huge blow to our growing business. Overnight, we went from shipping holiday orders and making plans to open our flagship store, to worrying about how we’d be able to keep the lights on. In the months since, despite a 55% drop in business, we’ve been able to stay afloat thanks to the loyalty of our friends and fans of our products. And while we so very appreciate the repeat business, a small business like ours can only exist by expanding outside of its inner circle.

But reaching new customers is extremely difficult in the new age of digital marketing. Due to changes in platforms and algorithms, fans of our brand now have to go out of their way to see our messaging. We have never paid for sponsored advertising because we feel there is nothing better than word-of-mouth. Plus, Mr. Zuckerberg doesn’t need my help buying another vacation home when we’re at risk of losing our own…

Worst of all are the newly imposed tariffs of products. Unfortunately, many people don’t realize the true implications of these additional taxes. Despite preconceived notions, the countries who have these tariffs imposed on them don’t suffer the costs… small business and consumers do! While all of our manufacturing and packaging materials are domestically sources, we’ve seen increases of as much as 50% in our production costs over the last month. And sadly today, we awake to the news of additional tariffs being added to neighboring countries which will no doubt have a ripple effect throughout the United States. This means we’re going to have to do twice as much volume to equal the same results as last year.  

But we refuse to give up… We don’t want nor need a handout, just a hand up! When customers try our products, they tell their friends and family, and we thrive. Social media is dominated by the major brands who have the marketing budget to ride out this wave, but we aren’t as fortunate. We come to you at a critical time in our business for your help.

If you have yet to experience our company, give it a try, especially if you are used to mall and department store brands. If it’s been awhile since you’ve tried our products, give something new a try. We’ve recently revamped our website to make shopping much easier for our customers. You can now Shop by Scent to find all of our best selling products in over 2,200 fragrances. Lastly, if you see a small business posting to social media like ours, give it a like, comment, and a share. It costs nothing but can mean the world to those trying to read a broader audience.

To thank you for helping us grow and getting the word out, along with keeping our prices stable for the foreseeable future, we’d like to extend a special offer so you can stock up for the summer or try a new product you’ve yet to experience.

  • Purchase ANY 3 Products and Receive 10% off with Coupon Code OSJUNE10
  • Purchase ANY 4 Products and Receive 15% off with Coupon Code OSJUNE15
  • Purchase ANY 5+ Products and Receive 20% off with Coupon Code OSJUNE20

This offer is valid on all new orders placed on our website,, through June 7th, 2019.

Again, we thank everyone for their continued support. Without our customers we’d be nothing. We look forward to serving our local communities through our philanthropy and to continue providing new and innovative products for you and your family for years to come.

Tristan & David
OverSoyed Fine Organic Products

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