What a month...

I won’t lie… The past few months have been somewhat of a whirlwind, where everything is going extremely fast and incredibly slow, simultaneously. As a small business, like so many others in the United States, the amount of struggle and loss experienced over the past 6 months has been tremendous. But as overwhelming as it’s been, we view each day as a new opportunity to grow as a brand and provide the best products and widest arrangement of fragrances available on the market.

For us, there is no stimulus. There is no payroll protection for independent operators. There’s no unemployment when sales decline and expenses rise. And without the connections like corporate businesses have, there are no bailouts. We rely only on quality products, excellent customer service, and the reputation built by our repeat customers of over 13 years to thrive.

There is no reason to complain, though, because we realize things could be a lot worse. We’re witnessing the closures of small businesses all over. I can’t drive down a city street, even in our small town, without seeing evictions taking place. It’s absolutely heartbreaking…

We’ll be doubling our efforts to provide much needed support to local, regional, and national organization partners, specifically those who are working to minimize the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, including World Central Kitchen, who is working across America to safely distribute individually packaged, fresh meals in communities that need support – for children and families to pick up and take home, as well as delivery to seniors who cannot venture outside. WCK is now active in dozens of cities providing over 150,000 fresh meals every day, and have provided nearly 21,000,000 meals since the beginning of the outbreak. Be on the lookout for new “Products for a Cause” coming to our website in the upcoming weeks.

We continue to work with all of our suppliers to ensure a steady flow of materials, so that we can stay on our 7-10 business day manufacturing and shipping schedule. We’re happy to say that through this entire thing, we’ve been able to keep that promise. As we’ve stated previously, you may notice slight changes to packaging. This won’t affect the quality of our handcrafted made-to-order products. We hope to return to all of our regular packaging, where changes have been made, by the end of the year.

Lastly, we’re gearing up for our busy season. We’re making it easier for customers to explore our website via desktop and mobile with our Shop By Scent feature. You can now browse all our fragrance options within this new and improved area of our site. New banners show fragrance descriptions and product colors all in one place. We’ll be releasing at least 2 new gift sets in August. Gift cards are now available and make a great option when you aren’t sure of what fragrances your recipient would prefer. And new free samples are now being included in customer orders.

We’d like to thank our customers again for their continued support. Continue to spread the word and help others experience all that OverSoyed has to offer!


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