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OverSoyed Fine Organic Products - Pittsburgh Heritage Collection - Pittsburgh Wedding Cookie Table Series

If you’ve ever attended a fire hall wedding in Pennsylvania, or nuptials in Ohio for that matter, you are no doubt aware of the enormous tasty spread of yummy cookies, baked goods, and sweet treats that you’ll encounter at any celebration.

Series #1 emphasizes the cultural phenomenon of the Pittsburgh Cookie Table. This first series in the line features 16 delectable candle fragrances in our hand poured soy tumblers in scents so good you’ll want to take a bite! From Anise Pizzelle, to Italian Almond Cookie and Peanut Butter Blossoms, we’re sure you’ll find a fragrance you’ll fall in love with!

This line is very personal to us. Cookie making was always a huge part of our family growing up. Sadly, since my mother passed away in 2016, we haven’t been doing much baking around here. In moving back to the city, we wanted a way to share a small piece of her memory while giving the world a taste of what is so important to many families all around our region. So in each handcrafted candle, we’ll also be including a copy of one of my mother’s cookie recipes from her own cookbook.

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